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As a parent, I sort of dread the holidays. My son has enough toys, you feel me? The extra stuff tends to overwhelm my toddler and leads to meltdowns. So, this year, I’ve committed to gift practical, usable, or experience based. What does that mean? LESS STUFF and MORE MEANINGFUL CONNECTION!

Here is our Holiday Gift Guide for all the parents in your life.

The Toddler Parent

This Big Little Feelings course changed my life. That sounds dramatic, but really! It changed how I communicate with my toddler, husband and friends. I recommend *everyone* with a toddler.

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The Sleepless Parent

Okay, so I’ve got a pretty good sleeper but it took a lot of work. I got suckered into every sleep course and sleep instagram. I’m not going to recommend any of those because I ended up creating my own little program that worked for my family and little one. ((If you ever want to chat sleep just send me an email)). BUT I am going to recommend this Hatch Night light. I waited and waited to buy it but, OMG, does it ever work. And I love that it is teaching my little one some self regulation skills.

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The Parent to Be

Give the gift of Prenatal Yoga and Embodied Childbirth Education! We’ve bundled some of our top selling workshop and series PLUS our on demand prenatal yoga classes. Everything in this bundle is virtual, so it makes for the perfect gift for the pregnant person in your life – no matter where they live.

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The Grandparents

My parents live California and the Skylight Digital Picture frame helps them feel more connected. It is a little pricey, but they LOVE it. Also, it is so easy to use. I got it for my parents last year and I still regularly send photos to the Skylight, so that is a win in my book.

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The Adventurous Parents or Grandparents

I’m a big fan of adventure. So…what’s on my list this year? Passes to our favorite local spots! Jonah and I are regulars at the WNC Nature Centre! Our yearly pass renewal is at the top of my list.

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Happy Holidays!


Sue Ann & Roxy

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